Corporate foresight improves company performance

In our recent study we find, that Companies that strategically prepare themselves for the future outperform other companies – both in terms of profits and company value. However, very few companies actually prepare systematically for the future. Enhanced performance Companies … Continued

Corporate foresight for exploring Bottom of the Pyramid markets

In our recent article we were interested to investigate to what extent successful business development in Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) markets was leveraging on structured corporate foresight approaches. BOP markets serve more than 4 billion people that live on $2-4 a day. … Continued

MSc Elective Future-Oriented Strategising Fall 2017

Participate in our  MSc Elective on Future-Oriented Strategising. Registration period is May 1st-7th. How can companies actively create superior positions in markets of the future? What helps them to better see, understand, and act upon change? This course introduces you … Continued

Anticipation 2017

Conference | Anticipation 2017 | London, UK | 08-10 November 2017 | Submission deadline: 27 January 2017