I had my first exposure to Organizational Future Orientation through my work on corporate foresight and the technology radar at the Deutsche Telekom Laboratories.

Through discussions with other practitioners I understood that corporate foresight has yet to unleash its full potential to create value in a corporate context. Intrigued by this unused potential I engaged into a PhD project to develop a framework for measuring and enhancing the impact of corporate foresight. At the Aarhus University I am running the Strategic Foresight Research Network that helps companies to learn:

…how to create a superior position in the markets of the future.

I choose to conduct a multiple-case study with a sample of 20 companies in 7 countries. My major findings have been published in a book, in journals such as Technological Forecasting and Social Change, R & D Management, Global Business and Organizational Excellence, Futures, Technology Analysis and Strategic Management and will be discussed in my posts.

I am looking forward to receiving your comments and to be in contact with you.

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