IT Tools for Strategic Foresight Benchmarking

Together with the FH Upper Austria, we are currently conducting a study that aims to create a first market overview of IT tools for strategic foresight. The market is still very diverse and includes tools that originated from idea management, big data mining, … Continued

Corporate Foresight for Innovation Survey 2014

Today we would like you to invite you to our last round for our Corporate Foresight for Innovation survey, which we run as a collaborative project between the University of Groningen and Aarhus University. For the current survey we seek firms … Continued

Benchmark Study on Corporate Foresight 2006-2010

From 2006 to 2010 we conducted 20 case studies in 7 countries.The major first result from our first round of case studies is our “Maturity Model for the Future Orientation of a Firm” which has been published in a conference article and … Continued

Corporate Foresight Benchmarking Survey 2008

The objective of our Corporate Foresight Benchmarking Survey 2008 was to establish the state of corporate foresight systems in large multinational organizations. We collected date from 77 leading multinational organizations. Key findings We found that… Strong capabilities for collecting and interpreting … Continued