Publications related to Future Orientation.

Corporate foresight improves company performance

In our recent study we find, that Companies that strategically prepare themselves for the future outperform other companies – both in terms of profits and company value. However, very few companies actually prepare systematically for the future. Enhanced performance Companies … Continued

Corporate foresight for exploring Bottom of the Pyramid markets

In our recent article we were interested to investigate to what extent successful business development in Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) markets was leveraging on structured corporate foresight approaches. BOP markets serve more than 4 billion people that live on $2-4 a day. … Continued

Corporate foresight: an emerging field with a rich tradition

In our introductory article for our special issue in TFSC on corporate foresight we provide an overview of historic development, propose a new definition, present the articles in our special issue, and discuss development trajectories for future research. In this blog post we summarize the … Continued