There are many attempts to establish a quality measure for journals. Here is our top seven links:

  1. Anne-Wil Harzing publishes not only an overview of various journal rankings, but has also created a nice tool, which allows to analyze the citation data of Google Scholar for journals and individual scholars.
  2. The financial times journal ranking, which is used in the ranking of MBA and EMBA programs.
  3. The ranking of the German Business Newspaper “Handelsblatt” is one of the most comprehensive rankings around.
  4. Another comprehensive list comes from our French colleagues.
  5. Scholars interested in a perspective from the southern hemisphere, might also find the Australian journal ranking useful.
  6. Scholars working in Germany, Austria or Switzerland should also check the ranking by the professional association of university teachers in business education (VHB).
  7. And than there is also the Danish journal ranking, which is comprehensive and makes only the distinction between level 1 and 2 journals.