What is Corporate Foresight for you?

In our research we have found evidence that corporate foresight activities can create value in multiple ways (see also our related posts: 1, 2, 3):

  • scan for discontinuous change and reduce uncertainty
  • trigger organizational responses through integration with strategic management, R&D, marketing, corporate development or strategic controlling
  • lay the basis to influence others, such as your customers, your suppliers, public opinion or legislation
  • enhance the value of your company by providing a future story to your shareholders and stakeholders

Today we want to get your feedback on what you expect from corporate foresight activities. Is Foresight mostly about thinking (as Maree emphasizes) or is it more about shaping the future, influencing others and acting?

Please share also your view on you expect corporate foresight to add value to your company by leaving comments to this post.

After closing the poll you can now see the result in our poll archive.

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