ISPIM Conference 2012, 17-20 June 2012, Barcelona, Spain

Unknown-1The 2012 edition of the ISPIM conference will put a special emphasis on the micro-processes of innovation creation. The theme “Action for Innovation” points at and interesting paradox: While we have gained much knowledge about how we ‘manage’  innovations and innovators we have lost sight of the micro processes that are involved in innovation ‘creation‘.

For example it can be witnessed that many successful innovations have emerged not only by the creative push of an innovator, but through the continuous challenge from an opponent. The opponent might for example identify technical flaws or expresses his concerns about the customer value.

In successful companies these interactions are frequent and constructive. Steve Jobs of Apple has been known to act himself as the opponent, interacting frequently with his product development teams to push them through iterative cycles of feature extensions and product enhancement.

These and other micro processes can be expected to be crucial for the innovation performance and we are well advised to fine tune our innovation management practices to support, rather than prevent, these micro processes.

Papers and practitioner presentations can be submitted to the following tracks:

  • Action for Innovation (Conference Focus Theme)
  • Collaboration for Innovation (incl. Open Innovation)
  • Creativity & Idea Generation
  • Entrepreneurship, Business Models & Financing Innovation
  • Innovation Training, Education & Learning
  • Methods, Tools & Measurement for innovation
  • Networks & Clusters of Innovation
  • Sustainability in Innovation

Submission deadlines are:

  • Outlines: 31 December 2011
  • Full papers: 4 May 2012

For more details visit ISPIM’s Call for Papers.

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