Special Issue on ICT Tools for Foresight

Journal | Technological Forecasting and Social Change |  Submission closed

Many foresight activities are supported by information and communication technology (ICT) applications, for example:

  • Consulting firms offer trend databases
  • Foresight methods such as the Delphi technique are conducted via the Internet
  • Future-relevant data are identified through web-mining and data-mining
  • Methods for using ICT in creative group-decisions are being developed

In fact, foresight support systems (FSS) is an emerging research field. A new special issue project aims to unify previously scattered efforts of either conceptualizing or creating such support systems and tools into a coherent discussion and stream of literature. The issue will be edited by 5 guest editors for Technological Forecasting and Social Change. Submission deadline is 28th February 2013 – see the full call for papers for details.

Prospective authors are encouraged to contact the guest editors with enquires in relation to this special issue. “Since strategic foresight is often credited as a crucial antecedent for long-term success in companies, and up to now foresight processes have largely been project-based and individually implemented, it seems particularly promising to integrate methods of futures research in decision support systems.”, writes the editors.

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