Collaborative Business Modeling for Systemic and Sustainability Innovations

In a recent article we discuss how the development of systemic innovations can be facilitated through collaborative business modeling (CBM). We argue that tackling the challenge to develop systemic innovation is particularly relevant for sustainability innovations. The main reason is that such innovation require complex networks of actors to plan and act in an orchestrated fashion to create new markets and new value chains.

We define sustainability innovations as:

…inventions in technology, process or market that simultaneously create economic and societal value. Societal value can be differentiated in protecting the environment, ensuring economic growth and advancing social well-being. 

In the article we present a three-step approach on how to brainstorm, design and validate  business models in new innovation areas, see figure below.

Collaborative Business Modelling Process


The approach has been tested in a real-life situation within the field of smart energy. We conclude that CBM creates a powerful platform for jointly

  • identifying economic and societal value
  • defining value creation/value capture systems
  • planning of complex and uncertain future markets.

In the presentation below we show the approach step-by-step:

Fore more information you can also download a pre-print version here:

Rohrbeck, R., L. Konnertz and S. Knab 2013 Collaborative Business Modelling for Systemic and Sustainability Innovations, International Journal of Technology Management, 63(1/2), pp. 4-23.

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