PhD on Organizational Future Orientation or Corporate Foresight

PhD Scholarships | Aarhus University | Denmark | Next application deadline: February 2019

Please note that we have also scholarships available for other topics within the management field.

You are interested to do research on Organizational Future Orientation or Corporate Foresight?

Our graduate school at the Aarhus University offers every 6 months PhD scholarships that cover both living cost and tuition fees. You should however be aware that our program requires full-time presence in Denmark.

To successfully apply you will need

  • A grade point average (GPA) above average
  • A Master degree in a topic relevant to the program. As our program is situated in school of business and social sciences you degree would be expected to be in a business or economics-related area. However we have also welcomed successful candidates from other fields in which case it is up to you to argue why your previous education is highly relevant for the research project you would like to propose.
  • A research proposal in which you describe the contribution to theory, which you would like to aim and a description of your project. Please note that we favor research proposals with a strong empirical core. In the field of corporate foresight and future orientation that would often include a longitudinal element. And given that it is still a relatively new und in-mature field both theory building (e.g. case studies, ethnographical research) and theory testing projects (structural equation modeling, experiments) are welcome.

For more information about the application procedure visit the website of our Aarhus BSS Graduate School. Here you will find the application guide.

Applicants for topics on

  • Organizational Future Orientation
  • Corporate Foresight (for guidance on interesting research topics see also our recent special issue)
  • Business Model Innovation

are invited to contact Professor René Rohrbeck to receive informal feedback on your PhD project proposal.

We are looking forward to your application!

Aarhus University

2 Responses to “PhD on Organizational Future Orientation or Corporate Foresight”

  1. neerajk

    Dear René,

    Is it open only of Danish Students or International candidates can also apply?

  2. René Rohrbeck

    Dear Neerajk,

    yes, international candidates are welcome to apply. Please check the link in the blog post for more details on entry requirements.

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