Publications related to Future Orientation.

Operationalization of Dynamic Capabilities

Yesterday I gave a presentation at the meeting of the Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Commission of the German Academic Association for Business Research:   Operationalization of Dynamic Capabilities from Rene Rohrbeck I used this opportunity to discuss the operationalization of … Continued

Building Future Orientation Without a Foresight Process

In the past, corporate foresight research was often based on processes and fixed structures. It was assumed that specialized units within the organization collect data by using specific methods like scenario analyses and roadmapping. Then recommendations for following processes (e.g. … Continued

Technology Scouting – from insight to action

Organizational future orientation is build through identifying and interpreting change in the environment and systematically taking action to build a competitive advantage. One tool which we want to discuss today is Technology Scouting. The general idea of technology scouting is … Continued

Inter-organizational collaboration for foresight

Creating insights into the future is an demanding task. But from a corporate perspective early understanding of potential change can also yield many benefits, including being the first mover in a new market and being able to demand premium prices, … Continued

Our Corporate Foresight book is out now

We have just been informed by our publisher that our book: “Corporate Foresight: Towards a Maturity Model for the Future Orientation of a Firm” can be preordered now. Shipping will begin in November. Click here to find the cheapest bookseller. … Continued