Publications related to Future Orientation.

The Role of Corporate Foresight in Promoting Sustainability

In the 2012 edition of the UN Global Compact International Yearbook the editors have dedicated a whole section to the question “How corporate foresight can promote sustainability?”. In our own article in the section we discuss the barriers to corporate … Continued

How to Systematically Explore New Business Fields?

In a recent article we report on a strategic foresight project where we worked with multiple companies to explore a new business field. Below you find a short presentation which illustrates our approach. The described approach was highly customized to fit … Continued

Evidence for the impact of corporate-foresight activities

With this recent article we aimed to contribute to the discussion on the impact of corporate-foresight activities. Based on a literature review we identify three groups of potential value creations: Trigger organizational responses, including identifying relevant external change, start new innovation initiatives and challenge innovation … Continued