Collaborative business modeling to explore new business fields

In our search for suitable methods to explore new business fields we have recently conducted a pilot project in which we tested an approach of collaborative business modeling. We have chosen business modeling as the central method because we expected it to be an effective framework to facilitate a strategic discussion. We designed our approach as a workshop series that allowed us to go in three steps from brainstorming of potential business model elements to ranked and validated business models. We used this years ISPIM conference in Hamburg to discuss our approach and would also like to share it here in order to invite a wider discussion on collaborative business modeling.

For more details read the full article: Konnertz, L., Rohrbeck, R. and Knab, S. (2011) “How Collaborative Business Modeling Can Be Used to Jointly Explore Sustainability Innovations“, ISPIM Annual Conference: Hamburg, Germany. And for all who have an iPAd: You can now get Osterwalder’s business model canvas as an app. Click here to see it on his blog.

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