How Scenario Planning Changed Corporate Strategy

In their recent article in the Harvard Business Review Angela Wilkinson and Roland Kupers take us on a enjoyable and educational time travel to the early days of corporate scenario planning. Having both worked for Shell they share how the globally … Continued

How to Systematically Explore New Business Fields?

In a recent article we report on a strategic foresight project where we worked with multiple companies to explore a new business field. Below you find a short presentation which illustrates our approach. The described approach was highly customized to fit … Continued

Evidence for the impact of corporate-foresight activities

With this recent article we aimed to contribute to the discussion on the impact of corporate-foresight activities. Based on a literature review we identify three groups of potential value creations: Trigger organizational responses, including identifying relevant external change, start new innovation initiatives and challenge innovation … Continued

Are firms really so bad at interpreting trends?

In a recent article Elie Ofek and Luc Wathieu argue that companies struggle not with identifying emerging trends but to interpret them correctly. This confirms our own findings that showed that firms where generally hard to surprise about a trend … Continued