The Role of Corporate Foresight in Promoting Sustainability

United Nations Global Compact International Yearbook 2012

In the 2012 edition of the UN Global Compact International Yearbook the editors have dedicated a whole section to the question “How corporate foresight can promote sustainability?”.

In our own article in the section we discuss

  • the barriers to corporate sustainability and change
  • the three greek elements that drive change
  • how corporate foresight methods can be used to drive corporate sustainability

We summarized our discussion in the figure below. To successfully change towards a more sustainable future we need a synthesis between elements logos (thought, rationality, discourse) and epithumia (desire) to create ergo (action). On the right column we suggest six key strategic foresight methods that can individually contribute to drive change. As we have discussed in an earlier post, combining methods is particularly promising. Through the figure we want to emphasize that the key is to integrate the different methods systematically only than will they unlock there full potential and promote change.

Barriers of change and how corporate foresight methods can contribute to overcome them

Reference and full text of our article: Rohrbeck, R. and P. Kallehave 2012 The Role of Corporate Foresight in Promoting Sustainability, In: UN Global Compact International Yearbook.

For more information on the Global Compact and on Corporate Social Responsibility information, you can also visit the CSR Manager website.

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